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A powerful tool for creating custom tours, automatic PDFs and online payments

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Keep total control on your Business activity


Business dashboard in real time

Key figures of your business at a glance, for quick decision making.

You keep control and know exactly where you are in your business in real time.

Real time statistics

Knowing in real time the rate of sales, the number of quotes to raise and the corresponding turnover is no longer a problem.

Key figures of your activity

Forget the excel spreadsheets and calculations by hand: as soon as you log in, you will find all the key figures of your activity. Ideal for seeing at what point you are or setting goals for your team mates.

Quick decision-making: "Data is Power"

As a manager or owner, you make strategic decisions faster with your Business dashboard. You know in which direction you are going in all circumstances.



Organization of your customer files

A simple and flexible system to stay organized in the organization of your customer files

Working alone or in a team, you always know at what point you are.

You remain effective in all circumstances

Have you never spent several minutes searching for the latest version of a customer's quotation ?

You can easily find the most current version of your quote in just one click thanks to the search function. Stop wasting your time.

Teamwork made easy

If you work together, you can share the creation of the circuit or, if you are the manager, you can validate the trip before sending it to the customer.

In addition, all travel agents have the same layout, which gives a serious and professional business image, and puts your prospects in confidence.

Unlimited quotations for unlimited customers!

Create as many client folders without worrying about the technique: our servers back up your work every day.



Online payment

You let your customers pay you in 1 click directly from your travel proposal.

20%, 50% 100%? You decide how much your client should pay you, and receive the funds in your Stripe account.

Let your customers pay you easily

You group all the information on a single page, and you reduce the likelihood that your prospects will see the competition.

You simplify the life of your customers (and yours) by offering to book the trip by paying part or all directly on the quote page.

Zero commissions on your sales

You benefit from the best commissions on the market: € 0.25 per transaction + 1.4% on European cards and 2.9% on non-European cards.

No hidden fees or commissions from our side.

Offer a strong secure payment

You activate the payment in 1 click and you leave behind you the explanatory mails for the whitdraw bank transfer.

In addition by paying by credit card, your customers benefit from travel insurance associated with their credit card, which reduces the costs for them.



Automatic PDF

You do not send any more PDF! It is your customers who download them directly online if they wish.

Let WORD text editor behind you !

Before sending your proposal, you look one last time at your PDF. And there ... you notice that one of the titles is at the bottom of the page!

You decide not to leave it like this, and you open again your archived WORD in the middle of ten client proposals, to insert a space and put the title at the top of the page, before converting it for the umpteenth time in PDF ...

... and you just hope that this line break has not messed up the rest of your layout otherwise it will have to start again ...

Take some day off

If you make changes to your proposal, the layout of the PDF automatically updates itself with the new information.

Your prospects can view it online, and if they want to take the time to view it in PDF, they have the option to download it directly in PDF on their computer, tablet or mobile.

A unique link for your customer

You send a unique link to the trip proposal and everything happens online. If you are nostalgic, you can always download the PDF and send it ...



Choose your language in 1 click

You save valuable creative time by selecting the language of your proposal in 1 click.

Speak to your customers in multiple languages quickly and always in a personalized way

Treat your international customers the same way

When you create a new block, just translate it. Once translated it will appear according to the language which you will have chosen for your estimate.

If you receive a new request in another language, it will not take you longer to process because you will already have your translated blocks ready for use.

Do not let any more opportunities

Requests in another language are often more complicated to manage because documents are not necessarily up-to-date or ready to use.

With TravelMaker Pro you have everything you need in just a few clicks.

Reusable Translated Blocks

You can also delegate circuit block management to a native agent (internally or externally), giving it access to manage translations.

Anyone in the agency can reuse circuit's blocks already translated for future quotations.



Do not waste your time anymore

No more hours creating circuits: respond quickly to your customers, saving up to 67% of time.

Concentrate on what you like to do: not on repetitive tasks!

Say goodbye to repetitive tasks

As a travel designer, you spend a lot of time designing circuits for your prospects.

Knowing that often requests do not work out, you spend a lot of time designing trips without knowing if you are going to sell.

And if you go x3 times faster ?

Imagine now released layouts, PDF conversion, backup, emailing the right version.

You send a unique link, use circuit blocks already formatted and you can dedicate yourself completely to your expertise: to make your customers travel.

Dedicate quality time to your clients

You have every chance on your side because you have more time to find the perfect addresses for your customers.

Money back guarantee

14 days to test for free and increase your sales


The TravelMaker Pro teams have worked hard to provide you with a powerful tool to more easily convert your prospects into customers.

We are so convinced that the software will please you by its simplicity, but also by these results, that we offer you the first 14 days of 100% free trial.

You do not take any risk and the only thing that can happen to you will be to increase your sales.

Test it yourself

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69 per month
  • unlimited quotes
  • 1 agent
  • pro design library
  • unlimited blocks
  • daily back up
  • support


97 per month Hot
  • online payment
  • PDF direct download
  • multilingual (2 languages)
  • unlimited quotes
  • 3 agents
  • pro design library
  • unlimited blocks
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  • support


199 per month
  • online payment
  • PDF direct download
  • multilingual (4 languages)
  • marque blanche
  • customisation des icones
  • unlimited quotes
  • 10 agents
  • pro design library
  • unlimited blocks
  • daily back up
  • support

Secure payment

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“I sent my quotes by PDF for years, and since I've been using TravelMaker Pro I've reduced my custom circuit design time by x3. ”
Philippe Cavé
Director Capacñan

“I am organized by nature and TravelMaker Pro meets all my expectations and even more in the organization of my agency. I have a global vision of my activity in real time and i keep everything under control easily.
It even allowed me to realise my first hiring this year !”
Martina Capel
Co-Founder PhimaVoyages

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