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Organization of your customer files in one place

A simple and flexible system to stay organized in the organization of your customer files

Alone or in a team, you always keep it under control

Unlimited folders : no limits for your business

Teamwork : stay organised with your team workers


Your business dashboard in real time

Key figures of your business at a glance, for quick decision making.

You keep control and know exactly where you are in your business in real time.

Statistics pro : all essential metrics for your activity

Decision making : you have all business keys

Manage your Clients easily.


Let your customers pay you online

You let your customers pay you in 1 click directly from your travel proposal.

20%, 50% 100% ? You decide how much your client should pay you, and receive the funds in your Stripe account.

Secured : you accept online payment

Active in 1 click : direct payment on travel proposal


CRM to manage your clients

You directly associate your customer with all his information to his travel proposal

You centralize the information of your travelers and you find them quickly in case of need.

Unlimited customers : create as many customers as you want

Traveler information : linked in one click to the file

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